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Crisp Bamboo
Crisp Bamboo
Wax And Lather Candle Co.

Crisp Bamboo


Fresh, clean, crisp, and earthy with just a hint of coconut.  If you are looking for a peaceful scent, this one is for you.

Notes include ozone, green leaves, wood, coconut.


Free from toxins and harsh chemicals, our wax melts will arrive to you in a "easy to take apart" brick.  Wax melts are becoming more popular because instead of an open flame (candle) you break off a section (square), place it on a warmer and allow it to melt with the heat of the warmers bulb which opens up the scent.

Bricks can give you up to 7-10 days of continuous usage depending upon the warmer you use.  Since warmers are all different, you may not experience a full melt if the watts on your bulb are on the lower end.

Want to change out the scent?  Two things to try:

1 - pour wax directly into trash and wipe off warmer with paper towel

2 - place a couple of cotton balls on the warmer and allow then to soak up the wax


Since these products are made to order (with a bunch of love and care) please allow a processing time of 7 business days before your order ships.

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