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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Here are a few frequently asked questions and tips about our products:

What's in my candle? - 

    • Our candles are made with all natural soy wax, braided cotton wicks and phthalate free fragrance oils.

How long will my candle last? -

  • Our candles on average last 35-45+ hours with proper/safe usage and depending upon where it is used.

How do I properly enjoy my candle? - 

    • During the first burn it's important to allow the wax to melt for three to four hours.  This sets the "memory" (creates a full melt pool) for your candle so that it can continue to burn properly each time after that.  If you don't do this step upon your next burn the candle will "tunnel" which means you'll have tons of wax left over on the sides of the jar and that's no fun.
    • Make sure you trim your wick to about 1/4" high with the first use and every use after that. Wick trimmers, scissors or nail clippers work great for trimming.
    • Take your shoes off, let your hair down, have your favorite meal, spend time with loved ones and allow our candles to be a part of your memorable experiences.

What safety steps can I be aware of? -

  • Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.  Some fragrances and essential oils may not be safe for pets so please use precaution when using any candles/scented products (ours or ANY company).   
  • Be sure to use candle in areas away from drafts. 
  • If your wick happens to become uncentered and too close to the edge of the jar do NOT continue using as this can become a hazard. 
  • When you come to the end of the jar discontinue usage when you have about 1/2" of wax at the bottom of the jar.  
  • Keep candles away from items that can catch fire and out of the way of drafts/windy areas
  • NEVER leave a candle unattended
  • Don't attempt to move a candle when lit or it has a melt pool

What happens if my package is lost? - 

  • You will be provided with tracking info once your order initially ships.  If your package is lost or stolen you will need to work with the carrier (USPS in most cases) to resolve.  Feel free to email us at and we will try our best to assist during this process once you've filed a claim.