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Well HELLO there!  
My name is Bre and I'm the face (and product maker) of Wax and Lather.  You may be familiar with my other  brand, Brown Girl Self-Care.  While I enjoy learning and facilitating conversations around self-care I had been feeling for a while the need to do something...well, active and different.  I quit my mentally draining and depressing full time job in 2019 with the hopes of learning more about myself plus doing something that MATTERS, makes people happy and allows me to get into a creative space mentally.  I wanted to create on a totally different level but couldn't figure out what that looked like for me. 
Last year things came together when my daughter kicked up a coughing storm after lighting a (big brand) candle in her bedroom.  That wasn't ok with me so I started reading up on what the cause could be and ended up going down the candle making rabbit hole.  I took a candle making class and was immediately hooked.  I had so much fun and it felt so good to roll up my sleeves, select scents, pour wax, etc that I wanted to keep that feeling going. 
In 2020 Wax and Lather was born!